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The Evolution of Pampers
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The History and Evolution of Pampers...

During the early 1950s, American chemical engineer Victor Mills searched for an alternative to cloth nappies for his grandchildren. This led him to invent the disposable nappy, revolutionising the nappy industry. Using his grandchildren as test subjects, he continued to develop the product throughout that decade, and soon Pampers was created.

By the 1960s Pampers nappies were stocked in department stores, supermarkets and chemists. They proved to be very popular with parents everywhere. In the 1970s the nappy pin was replaced with tape for convenience, and new products such as Pampers Toddler Size, Extra Absorbent Daytime, Improved Newborn, Quilted Pampers and Premature Infant Size were created.

During the 1980s several developments were made in nappy design. These included tabs that could be refastened, softer linings, new absorbent gel material, and elastic leg gathers. Bulk value packs were also introduced at this 1980s to meet consumer demand. Stretch panels were later added to the nappies for comfort, and Ultra Dry Thins nappies were invented - these pull moisture into the core of the nappy. More recently, breathable nappies have been added to the range, as well as Premium and Baby-Dry nappies that have a layer of lotion to protect and sooth your baby's skin.

Pampers continues to improve, develop and add to their range, to keep up with the massive international consumer demand for these fantastic products.
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