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Links to Consumer Reviews for Pampers Nappies

Baby Dry


· Consumers on rated Baby Dry nappies 4 ½ stars.

· Reviews for Pampers Baby Dry are posted on, including the following reviews, all of which have been anonymously posted:

o “My daughter is 4 months old and is constantly twisting and kicking about, these are the only nappies I have found that keep her completely dry - even overnight - and don't leak out of the edges. Also the sizes have large weight ranges which makes them convenient to buy in bulk so you get a better deal.”

o “Since I had my little girl I haven't had a night where she has woken up uncomfortable from a wet nappy thanks to Pampers Baby Dry. They have never leaked and they feel fine when she wakes up in the morning regardless of how many wee's she's done!”

o “I have tried every nappy on the market and always come back to Pampers Baby Dry. They have never failed me, not even when my babies have been poorly. They are the more expensive but you use less and are the most reliable so worth every penny.”

o “My little one has had bad nappy rash and a very sensitive skin. After having tried all sorts of nappies, this is the one I've been sticking to for months as my DD is now dry when she wakes up in the morning. I recommend Pampers Baby dry to any baby who's got sensitive skin and tends to have nappy rashes.”

Active Fit

Pampers Active baby is one of those diaper brands I bought for my baby. The large size diapers comes in a pack with 60 diapers. This diaper meant for 9-14 kgs is well designed. No leakage problems or cuts on skin with tight tapes like other brands. Comfortable for the baby and easy to use. My baby has now crossed his first year and hence he can easily unstrap the diapers. Another thing is that My baby is some 11 kgs and has reached almost close to the end point of using straps when it is meant for upto 14 kgs. This brand od diaper is defenitely costly compared to many other brands. Designed ultra thin and serves its purpose. I am a satisfied customer and would recommend this brand to anyone. Rating: 9

Tesco’s Mums’ Choice

· Pampers New Baby was voted Best Newborn Nappy 2008 and rated Gold Standard. 86% of panellists would recommend these to other mums. "Lovely and soft, and prevented leaks that we'd been having with current nappies, due to baby having the runs caused by teething. Very pleased with them."
· Pampers Active Fit was voted Best Nappy 6 months+ 2008 and rated Silver Standard. 79% of panellists would recommend these to other parents.
· Pampers Baby Dry was voted Best Nappy 12 months+ 2008 and rated Silver Standard. 85% of panellists would recommend these. "At the risk of too much information, it seems to hold even the most explosive poo. That's quite an achievement!"

I now use Pampers Active Fit after trying out various big name and supermarket brands. Pampers Active Fit come in a green and purple plastic packet in 26s or 46s. I buy the 26s and they cost £5.65 at my local Co-op for the Maxi size which fits 15-44 pounds. They have been awarded the Mother and Baby Gold Award for Best Disposable Nappy for 2002. They advertise on the package that the waistband is stretchy. The waistband also has Sesame Street characters on it - a big favourite with little ones.

The nappies fit my son very well. He is 19 pounds at the moment so at the lower end of the scale for the Maxi size. Nevertheless the stretchy waistband, snug legs and great design mean that they fit properly and have hardly ever leaked. In fact the only time they have it is down to human error by me or my husband not pulling the stretchy tabs round far enough.

The nappies are ultra absorbent which is very important when your baby sleeps all night in one. If my son wears other nappies his sheet and sleepsuit are invariably soaking in the morning but with Pampers Active Fit this has never happened. He sleeps 12 hours at night so I need to be able to rely on his nappy to do its job. Pampers Active always does. During the day they are equally effective for both numbers one and two. They also keep nappy rash at bay by keeping any moisture away from the skin.

All in all Pampers Active Fit is the best nappy I have tried. I would recommend it to anyone. Rating: 5 stars

Once my daughter was a few months old we started using the Active Fit nappies from Pampers. What a blessing! We had origianlly been using Huggies, which I found leaked, and we were not too impressed with them.

The Pamers Active Fit (Purple packets) stopped her red bottom almost straight away with their ultra (and I mean ULTRA) absorbent inner. She could move more freely in them as they stretch and flexed with her. Lets face it babies wriggle and crawl and contort themselves into some impressive positions but whatever way she went the nappy would go with her. They were a comfotable snug fit aroung her legs to keep what was in the nappy, in the nappy. Very stretchy here too, good for any size baby, chubby little cherubs or slim jims. I found them nice and soft to the touch and I'm sure if you ask my daughter she would agree. They are, however, more expensive than some of the nappies on sale (around £6 for 25) but are infinitely better in my experience. A couple more quid is worth it to keep that little peachy bum soft and dry. Certainly highly recommended.   Rating: 5 stars

The nappies have a "3-Way Fit" and are designed to accomodate a baby that moves around alot, whether that be by crawling, rolling, toddling or such like. The main features include: a slim fit between the legs, super elasticated around the thigh area and stretchy around the sides - all to encourage the child to move around easily.

Average rating: 8/10
I have been using pampers active fit for my son as soon as he out grew the pampers new born and they are great, I have never had problems with leakage, even when my son has slept throughout the night and his nappy is really wet it may be heavy but it seems to be keeping all that pee locked up and away from his bottom. A few months back the nappies weren't as absorbent as usual so I went from the 4 to the 4+ and that seems to have done the trick. My son has never suffered from nappy rash apart from when he was badly teething but even then it was quite easily managed and I am sure the pampers helped by keeping most of the urine of his skin. Another good point to add about pampers is if you register on their web site they send out money of vouchers to use against their pampers range, which isn't a one off as my son is 2 years old and I still receive vouchers and books about a child's development. We also had a day out in Newcastle at their road show it gave the adult a chance to experience how a baby/toddler sees the world from the womb, to birth and learning to walk, it was fabulous!

Overall rating=4 stars

"The only nappy that lasts longer than 12 hours"

Fantastic Product!!! Like many mothers I have tried every nappy on the market, and all except these keep my little boy dry over night. Most morning I would find him soaked through, with pampers I find that they keep him dry for up to 14 hours!!! would recommmend to anyone!

"excellent nappy!"
Since day 1 with Mary i have always used pampers and they have never let me down. since io was testing these nappy i did try some morrisons and sainsburys nappys to compare and i will never move away from pampers again! both brands leaked and were always wet. pampers are worth every extra penny!

"Great nappies"
He loves to be active and these nappies gave him more freedom, the shape was better and the stretchy sides were fab. We had no leaks, and despite my inital concerns that the sides were too stetchy and the nappy would fall off - it stayed firmly in place!

"Great for movement"
I found pampers active fit to be good value for money as they are often on offer in supermarkets. My son has all the movement he needs, they are not at all restricting, and so far there have been no leakages.

"Very Happy"
Lilli seems to be able to crawl better when wearing active fit. Before she was commando crawling now wearing active fit she is up on her knees and off. Im very happy with them.

"Fantastic Nappy"
I am so glad I got the chance to try Active Fit as they have been fantastic and I have been buying them since. Baby #5 will also be using pampers :-).

My daughter was 12lb at birth ans is 8 months now with chunky thighs and her nappies rub and leave red marks, active fit dont as they have such a fantastic stretch to them. She has not leaked from one yet which is just brilliant.

"Brilliant nappies!"
I usually buy supermarkets own nappies, but will definetely be converting to these! They are a much better fit around my tubby 7 month old son, and he seems much more comfortable in them. I dont need to change him as frequently and his nappy rash has pracicaly vanished since I have been using pampers. I have had no problems with leaks at all and am overall very happy with this product.

"Fab Nappies!"
We are on a bit of a budget at home so we normally buy supermarkets own nappiea that are ok but the odd batch you get can be dodgey i.e : leaks, tabs come off etc! These Active fit nappies are great in everyway! So flexible, no leaks, no tab breakage, absolutely wonderful. Its just the price that puts me off but the quality and everything else more than makes up for those few extra pennies! Very Impressed!

"Super quality nappies"
I have never bought pampers before because of the cost and having alot of hungry mouths to feed. So after trying these I was actually surprised as I wasnt changing the little one as often as I was when I was using the cheaper ones. You don't have to worry about anything leaking out of them, not to say it also cuts down on nappy rash. The little one is alot happier wearing these, and her movement the flexibility of the nappy lets her jiggle and jive as much as she wants and the nappy does not irritate. I am seriously considering in adding these nappies into our budget, one very happy reviewer.

"Nappy Ever After"
The Pampers Active Fit nappy, makes my baby very happy
Now he doesn't cry.....because his bum is always dry
No more nappy rash, so go on, give them a bash
They give them a bum soooo smooth and great for babies on the move
Ready, Teddy, Go, Pampers steals the show!

"No leaks!"
I usually use Pampers Baby-dry. I thought these would not be as absorbant but i was pleasantly surprised! I was slightly reluctant to use these on my son at night because he usually has the nappy on for around 12 hours and I thought they might leak - but I was proved wrong! These have obviously been improved since I last used them on my son around 12 months ago. Well done Pampers - a stretchy & comfortable nappy with all the absorbancy anyone could ask for!

"Really are best on market"
I have tried just about every nappy on the market, but had resorted to using supermarkets own brands as found nappies all much the same. I received a packet of these free to try - and my first thought was the packet was light and small for amount of nappies. On opening them I was a bit sceptical about them as they seemed so much lighter and thinner than normal nappies. My daughter is a big baby for 6 months so didn't think would notice that much of a change. Well they certainly proved me wrong! They were so flexible, soft and great fit.My daughter was certainly able to turn over and stretch with more freedom. I think that they can actually hold more waste than other nappies as they are not as bulky to start with. The inside also impressed me as the colour was not bright white - thinking probably not of highly bleached material and they were really absorbant. I now realise there really is a difference and is worth paying the extra - as you get longer time out of the nappies. I will definately buy again. Would rate overall as 5+

"Great for active babies"
I have mainly always used Pampers baby dry, but after trying Pampers active fit I will never go back. My daughetr is slightly chubby around the waist and legs and these were great for speed of nappy change and for the extra cut aroud the leg area which stopped the rubbing from a normal nappy. They also seem to prevent nappy rash as since using these my daughter has not experienced this. Overall great nappy, i'm converted!

as soon as i opened the pack i knew that these nappies were going to be loved by my son as they are so light! he is a very active 2 year old and has waged a war against his nappies for the last few months, he doesn't like wearing them at all! i was quite surprised how easy these nappies were to put on and how secure they were when on. i could also noticed that my son didnt grab at the leg cuffs like he did usually and he also didn't seem to be bothered that he was wearing one! they did not leak at all (which was a bonus as he hed the runs whilst we were testing them!)and protected vet well!

"great nappies"
Pampers has always been a favourite of mine and they didnt let me down with the active fit! Lovely fit, very comfy - snug but not too tight so no rubbing. High backed so nothing overflows (usually if sat down or in a walker/jumperoo!) Also nice to know you're helping towards unicef. "great fit!"
These seem great! I can find no fault with them.
After months of leaking nappies i tried these. I have since had no leaks - fingers crossed.
Charlie is a chunky monkey - 23lbs at 6mths - and these seem the perfect nappies for him!
They are soft, stretchy and the wee just soaks in taking it away from the bottom.
Great nappies and i WILL be buying them again!!

"Good fit with no leaks"
Zara is a very active baby and needs a nappy which suits her lifestyle - the no wait and run lifestyle that is! The Pampers Active fit are brilliant for Zara, as even when she is on the move the nappies attach and stay perfectly. The nappy sides do not rub and feel soft and comfortable too. The best thing is that they do not leak, even when used overnight and leave no icky crystals on her. Overall I am very happy with Pampers active nappies and will continue to use them until Zara's potty trained.

"worth that extra bit of money"
I received these nappies with much anticapation as i had to admit it but i normally buy asda's own or boots,etc. Anyway i recieved these and put them on my little girl with much ease. They seemed to be easier to put on and have a better trim on the outside so they dont dig into little ones legs and bottom!
My little one is 10months and is crawling quite well but within two days of using these nappies she was moving around the floor a lot quicker and had more of a fluid movement and i am sure this is not just a coincedence but it is the nappy. Overall i think these are lovely nappies that are worth every penny you pay.

"Do exactly what they say on the packet"
Having tried a whole variety of nappies on my 8 month old, Pampers Active Fit have to be the best by far. There are no leaks, they are ultra absorbent but what I like most of all is how soft they are. I have found that other nappies seem to cause a slight irritation to my sons skin but Pampers Active Fit are cotton soft and he seems to love them too!

"Fantastic Quality - Best on the move nappy"
We have tried every nappy on the market! FRom Supermarket brands to expensive well know brand and Pampers Active Fit really are the best out there!
My daughter, now 18 months is a very active little girl. She has been walking since she was 10 months and we found that she really needed the flexibility a strecthy can give.
We Don't Buy anything else!!!
Apart from the great value Pampers represent, I am happy to know that they are also envolved with great charities and supporting children all over the world.

"great value and quality"
in my opinion these are the best nappies on the market, they fit nice and snug, have lovely soft feel and are really good value for money great what more could you want

"good for tubby babies"
I have only recently started to use Pampers active fit nappies but have noticed improvements on my usual brand straight away.
Pampers active fit are very good for chubby babies as they do not rub the thighs.they are very absorbant and incredibly soft.we have had no leaks at all since changing to pampers even though my son is a marathon wetter.
the flexing on the side also accomdates my sons fat tummy after a feed .
all in all they are a quality reliable nappy.

New Baby

Well to start with they are really easy to fit - they have lovely stretchy legs and feel soft. With the delicate skin of a new born that's excellent - they don't leave any red marks yet they are effective at preventing leaks. The tapes have loads of give on them, so even if you are an incompetent first time father changing your first nappy, you won't get it wrong. The really great thing about them though is that they are designed to absorb runny, new baby poo. And this they do really, really well. Newborns don't wee in the quantities that an older baby does, so you don't need ridiculous amounts of capacity there, but you do need to mop up the squidgy mustard-coloured stuff (those of you who have breast fed, especially, will know what I'm talking about.) Somehow they do this. and it works. No leaks (before these were invented I remember my oldest son exploding one down his leg and all over grandma's sofa...) Seriously no leaks; not a single one in three months! They are shaped well to fit scrunched up tots and come in three sizes.

When i fell pregnant with my 1st, i bought a different top brand nappy, however after quite a few accidents decided enough was enough, had found some vouchers and went out and purchased these. Unfortunatly round us the supermarkets only stock the smaller carrier packets of these making it more expensive, but was happy to pay the extra as the quality was so much better.

I first used them in 2005 with my son, being breastfed, his nappies were even more loose then a bottlefed baby, so you really relied on a nappy which could hold it in. These did exactly that, the special layer absorb the poo into it, meaning it was less messy. Also I have never experienced nappy rash whilst using these. With my 2nd there was no doubt and I stocked up well in advance grabbing the bigger packs whilst i was out shopping in a bigger town. Im now expecting my 3rd and again will be using these. Summary: wouldnt use another brand

I'm not a brand snob, I buy what works and what works with pampers new baby total care nappies is that they do everything that you need them to do. I first used them 7 years ago when I had my son I used both sizes 1 and 2 but when he got a bit bigger I switched to sainsbury's nappies. I joined pampers when I was expecting my daughter and they sent me loads of money off coupons that I used to stock up on new baby nappies. I think they are more soft than the other leading brand, they hold really well especially as new baby poo is slightly runny. I never had any leaks useing these with my daughter who is 22 mths. I do remember having accidents with my son but the product has developed in the 5 years between each child. When I have another child what would I use? new baby total care. Summary: brillant nappy for new babies

I have only ever used pampers for both of my children. My children are 2 years of age and 5 months old.

Yes they are not the cheapest brand but you can expect good quality, long lasting nappies. I found that these nappies fitted lovely to my babies body shape, the caterpillar strip also made them more comfortable when they started moving about alot more. A friend uses different nappies and when i changed her little ones bum, you could often smell the urine through the nappy but i have never found this with pampers and also it absorbs babies 'poo' alot better than the brand she uses.

You can buy a big pack of size 1 for around £6-£8 and you will find them in all your local supermarkets, boots, mothercare, babies r us (toys r us) and also some corner shops Or you can alternatively buy a smaller pack for around £4-£5. Summary: Good quality nappiesthat fit comfortably on your baby.
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